Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Affiliate Plan Terms and Conditions

• The affiliate must produce a minimum 0 monthly volume in personal production to receive the commissions and benefits awarded by the tote bag Network.
• The affiliate will earn 20% commission on their personal orders and direct sales made with your affiliate link.
• The affiliate will earn 10% of their first level sales and 5% of their second level sales.
• It is extremely important that the affiliate knows that there are two links with which he will be working, one to promote personal sales and another network to affiliate other affiliates. Each link is used for a different strategy and they are independent of each other. When working, the affiliate must guide his prospect well so that he uses the link corresponding to what he wants to do. If the prospect wants to buy, he must use the affiliate's personal sales link and if he wants to affiliate, he must use the Affiliate Network link.

We highly recommend enrolling all prospects in the Network to avoid future financial loss. tote bag is not responsible for misunderstandings with the links and will not be able to make any repairs of any kind in the network system.

• The compensation plan can be modified at any time according to the corporate strategy and the finances of the company.
• All the benefits that are offered as part of being an affiliate of the Network do not constitute an obligation on the part of the company, they are subject to changes and/or cancellations according to the corporate strategy and the finances of the company.

Terms and conditions for purchases and returns

• Any special sale only applies to purchases on the website, not franchises.
• The estimated period to receive the merchandise is 7 to 10 business days after your payment has been processed. This time can be dramatically reduced but this does not constitute a guarantee on the part of the company.
• All purchases have a period of 15 days after the customer has received their order for any change or return. In this case the customer is responsible for the shipping costs.
• If you request a refund, the money will be refunded when the order arrives at the facilities of tote bag
• Customer must keep proof of shipment in case of a claim.
• In case the merchandise arrives wrong or defective, the company tote bag will be responsible for shipping costs, customer must send evidence of defective merchandise.
• The merchandise is guaranteed for manufacturing defects for 45 days from the day the merchandise left the warehouse. In case of manufacturing defect tote bag You will be responsible for the shipping costs.
• Any sale in special or liquidation is final sale and has no return unless it has arrived in the wrong way and or with any manufacturing defect.