Affiliate Program






Follow these steps:

  1. Registering is extremely easy and fast, you only need a name, email and PayPal to receive your payments.
  2. The system will give you a link to promote the store and the products. You can also develop your affiliate network to earn money from the sales of your referrals.
  3. Copy, paste and promote that link in all possible places on your social networks, FB, IG, TIK TOK, stories, wall, including fb groups and send it to family and friends on whatsapp and Messenger. Send the link with photos you get from the same store, photos always attract attention.
  4. Get ready to receive 20% profit on everything that is sold through your promotional link. ALL WITHOUT LEAVING YOUR HOME AND WITHOUT COMPLICATIONS! You will be able to follow all the movement of your account in your affiliate panel.
  5. Commissions for your network

    10% first level
    5% second level.

    You can also benefit from bonuses, trips, corporate meetings and extra incentives.

    The opportunity to grow your business without leaving your home and without complications!

    With his affiliation, the affiliate expressly acknowledges that the compensation plan for personal sales and network referrals may change at any time without prior notice subject exclusively to the consideration of the Sacoleira company. The Affiliate acknowledges that no commissions will be recognized for wholesale purchases from its Affiliates as this is a separate program from the Affiliate Program.

Commissions are payable weekly. Commissions of 0 or more will be paid. If this amount of commissions is not reached in a week, it accumulates until the next week.


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